Recruitment notice for foreign teachers by School of Languages and Communication Studies of Beijing Jiaotong University

I. Job responsibilities

1. According to the curriculum arrangement of teaching tasks of the school, foreign teachers to be hired should undertake the teaching tasks of basic teaching (14 class hours), extracurricular guidance and English corner (4 hours) for a total of 18 hours every week.

2. Offer oral practice courses for English majors and science majors, including English speech and debate courses, international academic communication courses, English critical thinking and expression courses, etc.

3. Deliver cultural lectures for English majors and science majors regarding British and American cultures (comments on current affairs, selected readings by British and American media, analysis of world situations).

4. Participate in the recording of MOOC courses in line with the goal of construction of college English courses.

5. Be responsible for the practical training courses of advanced international English test (TOEFL, IELTS and GRE).

6. Participate in the "academic paper workshop" to provide language assistance for academic English papers written by teachers and students for publication.


Ii. Basic requirements

1. Education: Bachelor degree or above.

2. Experience: The position demands a certificate of at least 2 years language teaching experience.

3. Language: Native speakers are preferred. If the applicant is from a non-native speaking country, he/she must have a degree certificate from a native speaking country and a valid teacher qualification certificate or qualification certificate in the teaching field. All applicants must have good oral and written English skills.

4. Age: Experienced and young applicants are preferred, normally applicants should not be over 60 of age.

5. Background Check: Applicants are requested to provide a background check within the latest 6 months.


Iii. Recruit process and treatment

1. Before Jun 15 2019, the applicants need to submit their resume to For those who pass the preliminary check, the school will organize interviews which include self-introduction, mini course presentation and on-site Q&A (if the applicant is in Beijing, please come to the school for the interview; if the applicant is in other countries or cities, video interview will be conducted).

2. The pre-tax annual income of a foreign teacher is 180,000 RMB, including salary and housing allowance (170,000 RMB for 10 months, 17,000 RMB per month), and international transportation subsidy (10,000 RMB) included.

3. BJTU will not offer accommodation. Teachers hired need to pay their housing by themselves.